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In-Home Physical Therapy

Our services are designed for anyone who, for whatever reason,
prefers to have physical therapy services in the comfort of their
own home setting.

Delivering our services in the patient's home environments results in better outcomes: higher compliance, less relapse, better attendance, more complete participation in therapy and quicker recovery. For some of our patients, in-home physical therapy may be the only realistic option — especially when travel, fatigue or other barriers prevent attendance at clinic-based therapy.

Many of our patients receive referrals from their local physicians,
who are looking for an alternative to traditional clinic-based therapy
for their patients. Additionally, many of our patients are referred to
us from Home Health Agencies (when they no longer meet their
guidelines) or traditional outpatient clinics (when patients struggle to
attend or arrive too fatigued to participate completely).
Currently, we accept Medicare and self-pay for this service.